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Heather Benkendorfer

I was born into a Christian family. Both of my parents were born and raised in the church and were a very active part of the 12th grade sund...

none, AA
Spring Baptist Church

Kathy Atkins

I grew up in a non-Christian home with good parents. However, as a child and teenager I attended church with a neighbor. At age 12 in Vacati...

Midwest City, OK
Sunnylane Southern Baptist

Charlie Fincher

I grew up in a small town and always attended church, but then so did most everyone. One Sunday morning I clearly understood that I was a ...

okla city, OK
First Southern Baptist Church of Del City

Danny Haynes

Early in life I attended church week after week. While never truly accepting Jesus as my savior. Eventually I would fall away from the faith...

Okla city, OK
Wilmont Place Baptist Church

Kylie Holden

I have grown up in a family who loves Jesus. We always went to church, so I was open to hearing about Jesus. I did not take the Bible and Je...

Owasso, OK
Central Baptist Church

Robert Shanley

Growing up in a Catholic family, I attended mass weekly and was involved in church activities. As I got older, I started asking questions tr...

Edmond, OK
First Baptist Edmond

ronnie toon

There was never a time in my life when my family and I were not affiliated with a church family. I was raised in church and attended all t...

batesville, AR
First Baptist Church, Batesville, Arkansas

Blake Gamble

I was a good child that went to church every week, but I felt that something was missing in my life. I knew the stories of the Bible, but I ...

Edmond, OK
Northwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City

Johnnie Byers

I was brought up in Christian home, taken to church every time the doors where open. I pretended to be saved, but knew something was missing...

Comanche, OK
Comanche First Baptist

Wade Spear

My parents could not have given me more love growing up and did an excellent job teaching me what was right and wrong. We never attended a ...

Moore, OK
Northeast Baptist Church, Moore

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