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Allen Loggins

I was always trying to fill my life with people and hobbies to feel complete. I would be happy for a little while but never satisfied. I w...

Chickasha, OK
Sharon Baptist Church, Chickasha

Kenna Luttrell

I was raised in a Christian home, and have been attending church since I was born. So, I knew it all. I had heard the plan of salvation and ...

Boise, ID
Pierce Park Baptist Church

Jessi Trott

Before I came to know Christ my life was empty and depressing. I did not feel like I had a purpose in living, nor did I feel like I was wor...

First Southern Baptist Bountiful

Beth Edmonson

I grew up on a farm in Western Oklahoma, and my life before Christ was not anything out of the ordinary. I had wonderful parents that took m...

Oklahoma City, OK
Wilmont Place Baptist Church

Jeff Wells

I did not grow up going to church. Oh, we would go every once in a while, but my family spent most Sunday's working or playing. Church was, ...

St. Louis, MO
Parkway Baptist Church

Michael Cox

I started playing guitar when I was 9. I was playing in a band by 19 and it was Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll from then on. I played in a lot o...

Fenton, MO
First Baptist Church of Murphy

Sally Farris

I skipped all the way home from church the morning I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. My parents took me to chu...

Broken Arrow, OK
First Baptist Church

Jennifer Barnard

I was the "fat and nerdy" kid in elementary school. I got picked on mercilously to the point I became a fighter. The one thing it taught m...

Collinsville, OK
First Baptist Church Owasso, Oklahoma

Jim Brown

I was raised in a loving home but God was mentioned only in abstract contexts. Attending Church twice a year was really more of a social eve...

Sandia Park, NM
Vista Grande

Sandy Posey

Jesus is the most important thing to me! As a college freshman I truly believed I was a heaven-bound Christian because I was basically a goo...

Chickasha, OK
College Heights Baptist Church

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