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Jamie Killion

I grew up in a Christian family and we went to church regularly. When I was a grade schooler I went through the motions of giving my life to...

Chickasha, OK
First Baptist Church, Chickasha, OK

Richard Leach

My parents made a strong emphasis on doing the right thing, going to church, and getting saved. I was taught the Bible said there were thin...

Suwanee, GA
North Gwinnett Baptist Church

Scott Maze

I was a young child when I first understood that I was not the person I should be. I was a sinner. The realization that I was a sinner upse...

Van Buren, AR
First Baptist Church, Van Buren

Danny Haynes

Early in life I attended church week after week. While never truly accepting Jesus as my savior. Eventually I would fall away from the faith...

Okla city, OK
Wilmont Place Baptist Church

Kim Pringle

I grew up in a Christian home. We were an active, church family. I did all the 'good' church things and learned all the 'right 'words. I ...

Shawnee, OK
Rock Creek Baptist Church

Joe Cannon

Growing up I went to church every week. I was consistently searching for security. I tried to find assurance by attending and being involv...

Edmond, OK
Crown Heights Baptist

Kelly Bauer

I grew up in the church, attending a private school that stressed the importance of God and going to Heaven. One thing that was not stresse...

Evansville, IN
Calvary Baptist Church

Brianna Goodman

Before I had Christ in my life I never really thought about telling others about God, because I didn't have a relationship with Him myself. ...

madison, GA

Roy Nowell

I had been in church for years and I realized I was a sinner. I was 16 years old and in a revival in July 1948. God's Holy Spirit convinced...

Oklahoma City, OK
Highland Hills Baptist Church

Sandy Mayfield

I was everything to everyone in the church. I was a deacon's wife, a Sunday School teacher, nursery coordinator and anything else anyone wan...

Hugo, OK
Oak Grove Baptist Church, Hugo

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