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Connie Ricks

I lived without Christ for 21 years. It was a time of knowing that I was separated from Christ since I was raised in a Christian home and li...

Jacksonville, FL
Fruit Cove Baptist Church

kevin gill

I met Christ when I was 12. I was not a bad kid , I had gone to church since I was 5. I went to church for many years after meeting Chris...

ardmore, OK
Trinity Baptist Church

Cathy Smith

I was raised in a loving, Christian home. I've attended church all my life. When I was very young, while attending a revival service, I r...

New Haven, MO
Faith Baptist Church

Damon Crawley

As I look back on growing up in the Methodist church, going through confirmation at age 13, I felt I had a relationship with Christ. But I n...

Bartlesville, OK
Eastern Heights Baptist Church, Bartlesville

Jason Copenhaver

The most important thing that has happened to me is receiving eternal life. My life before Christ was quite short. I grew up going to church...

Oklahoma City, OK
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Edmond

Joanna Friese

As a child I grew up going to church all the time. I was a good kid, and was what other kids liked to call, “the teacher's pet or goody-good...

Jackson, MO
First General Baptist Church

Mary Claunch

I was raised in a loving family, the youngest of six children. I enjoyed a wonderful childhood, and was a baptized and an attending member o...

Midwest City, OK
First Baptist Church of Nicoma Park

Kyle Choate

When I was 6 years old, I asked Jesus into my heart, but I never really understood what I had done until I was older and heard a preacher sp...

Oklahoma City, OK
Northwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City

Byron Kennedy

I went to church as I was growing up. I enjoyed going to church. I was pretty much a good boy. I didn't do any bad things. I went to church...

Eufaula, OK
North Fork Baptist Church

Pauline Sonaggero

I had a fear inside of me needing someone to guide me and always be close when I needed them. I had not depended on God to save me until I ...

Broken Arrow, OK
Clearview Baptist Church

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