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Robin Rodgers

I was raised in church, going to Sunday School, church and going to Vacation Bible School. Never really thinking of what would happen to me ...

Del City, OK
First Southern Baptist Church, Del City

Darlene Davis

My sister and I weren't raised in church, but we were raised by parents who said they were Christians and we went to church on occasion with...

Fritch, TX
First Baptist Church, Borger TX

Jesse Rogers

Life before Christ wasn't not very good in my head. I wanted to please my father and the God that created everything but could not! I just w...

LaBelle, MO
Mt Olivet Baptist Church Ewing, Mo

Stevie Dyar

Last year, something happened that would change the rest of my life forever. That event was when I got saved. Before I met Christ, I was hop...

Summerville, GA
Subligna Baptist Church

Patricia Harshaw

My life before Christ was a normal childhood. I had my ups and downs during my teenage years. I turned away from God and now I have rededica...

bowling Green , IN
Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Sharron Nichols

I became a christian as a child, but as I grew up I failed to let God be in charge of my life. I depended on myself. This self-imposed pre...

Lawton, OK

Samuel McMillan

My life as a child was filled with molestation, abuse, and parents doing drugs. Before I became I Christian, I lived with my parents who bot...

Collierville , TN
Germantown Baptist Church

Rayna White

I was definitely searching for something before I met Jesus. I had an emptiness inside of me nothing could fill and believe me I tried to f...

Terre Haute, IN
Grace Community Church

Kent Matthews

I was in college when my girlfriend and I broke up. That really left me feeling unloved and worthless to other people. I really saw no pur...

Lafayette, IN
East Tipp Baptist Church

Bobby Gilstrap

Born in Texas, our family moved to Guatemala to serve as Southern Baptist missionaries when I was an infant. At six, we returned to Georgia....

Ypsilanti, MI
Michigan Baptists

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