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Kay Newlin

When I was small, my parents literally fought all the time. Our home was a battlefield and there was NO love in my life. I cannot remember...

Stillwater, OK
Henderson Hills Baptist Church

Michaella Johnson

Let me tell you about the most important thing that has happened to me. At first glance, you might think that it was my marriage to my wonde...

Durham, NC
Grey Stone Baptist

Michael Bonner

I came to understand I had a void in my life. I knew this wouldn't come from a person this world had to offer but rather what God had to of...

Shawnee, OK
Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church

Kyle Choate

When I was 6 years old, I asked Jesus into my heart, but I never really understood what I had done until I was older and heard a preacher sp...

Oklahoma City, OK
Northwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City

Bradley Ewton

I have grown up in a Christian home my entire life. I have always gone to church, and have always been a decent kid. Going to church of cour...

Layton, UT
Mountain View Baptist Church

Brian Frank

I was born in Stillwater, OK. When I was about 5; my mom, sister, and I moved to Edmond, OK because of my parent's divorce. I would see my...

Edmond, OK
Edmond's First Baptist Church

Brian Rhodes

I was always in church. I joined the church at the age of 8. Why? All of my friends we're doing the same thing. There was never a change...

Greer, SC
Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

Bruce Bates

I was into the party life style. All I wanted to do party and sow my wild oats. But I knew God was still pursuing me and I felt an emptiness...

Chickasha, OK
Chickasha First Baptist Church

Vicki Sutton

I grew up attending church and although I could answer all the religious questions that anyone would've ask me, I still had a hole in my hea...

Durant, OK
Western Meadows Baptist Church, Durant

Sam Joplin

Have you ever wondered what would happen to you when you die? I had listened to the answer my entire life. For most of it I just nodded my h...

Kirksville, MO
First Baptist Church, Kirksville

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