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Candy Davis

Before I became a follower of Christ, I was a person that lived a life of strong moral values. I always did what was right and was strongly ...

Vienna, MO
Little Flock Baptist Church

Richard Leach

My parents made a strong emphasis on doing the right thing, going to church, and getting saved. I was taught the Bible said there were thin...

Suwanee, GA
North Gwinnett Baptist Church

Todd Carr

Before I had met Christ I had grown up in a Christian home. However because of some church issues I became discouraged with the whole Christ...

Callahan, FL
First Baptist Church Callahan

Roberta Cothrum

I grew up in a Christian home and was a good person. I did all I could do to be perfect in the eyes of others but deep inside I knew someth...

Oklahoma City, OK
Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond

Patrick Terney

I wasn't a very good child if that's one of the things they're asking. I didn't respect authority as well as I do now, but I still struggle ...

Altus, OK
Martha Road Baptist Church

Cody McIntosh

I was raised in a Christian home and almost never missed Sunday School or Church. I came under conviction during an invitation but couldn't ...

Macomb, MO
First Baptist Church of Mansfield

Donnie Compton

I would go to bed at night and worry if I were to die in my sleep I wouldn't go to heaven. I was a kid raised in a christian home, but I kne...

Covington, GA
Centennial Baptist Church

Natasha Haswell

I was a shy rude kid that could care less about people's feelings until I met a boy. When he asked me to go to church with him I did. I sat ...

Yellville, AR
First Baptist Church

Erik Moratzka

I can't remember not knowing Christ, I'm very blessed. I've always been involved in church and have truly known Christ as my Lord and Savio...

Edmond, OK
First Baptist Church of Edmond, OK

michael hopper

Life before Christ was just life. I was a kid, so at the time I wasn't aware of being lost, until I went to church. When I met Christ my lif...

Sikeston, MO
miner baptist

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