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Bruce Beck

Before I made a commitment to follow Jesus, I found myself at the age of 13, feeling all alone, and without hope. I had just moved in with ...

Henderson, NC
Central Baptist

Alisha Baker

I've always wanted to be a good person. I tried so hard for a long time to please people and even please God, but I always seemed to mess up...

Ramona, OK
Emmanuel Southern Baptist Church, Edmond

Meagan Haldiman

I grew up going to church, but everything I heard and learned about Jesus seemed to all go over my head, and I never really understood the i...

Springfield, MO
Cherry Street Baptist Church

Alyson Walker

When I was about 11 years old my family and I were driving to my grandmother's. On the way I asked my parents if we had a wreck and I died...

Tulsa, OK
South Tulsa Baptist Church

David Worcester

As a young kid I knew I needed Jesus because I had experienced the love that he gives from my family members and the Church I was a part of....

Norman, OK
Journey Church

arvan campbell

Life as a young African American living in the swamplands of Louisiana was pretty routine. Most of our time was spent within a small area wi...

ormond beach, FL
Rising Sun Baptist Church

Raymon Foreman

I grew up in a family that, for the most part, attended church regularly. I was always active in church and thought everything was great. Bu...

Norman, OK
First Southern Baptist Del City

Paul Rummage

Do you feel like you can be good enough to please God? How good is good enough? I realized that all my good is still flawed by my imperfe...

Bartlesville, OK
Bartlesville Southern Baptist Church

Debbie Gorham

I was a church member several years before I became a Christian. I went to church from the time I was a little girl and loved it. My Mom was...

LaPlata, MO
First Baptist Church, Shelbyville

Jan Story

At 12 years old, my life was miserable because I knew my sin would keep me from heaven. I was having bad dreams and every Sunday I would tr...

Oklahoma City, OK

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