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Jill Miller

I was a rebellious teen, even though I was saved at 10, my relationship with Christ was not nurtured. It took moving me across the country, ...

Dublin, GA
Poplar Springs South Baptist Church

Jana Langley

As a child my family was hit and miss in going to church. My memories are more of going with my grandmother and aunts than with anyone. I ...

Claremore , OK
Eastern Hills Baptist Church

Jan Story

At 12 years old, my life was miserable because I knew my sin would keep me from heaven. I was having bad dreams and every Sunday I would tr...

Oklahoma City, OK

Joshua Priddle

My life before Christ was a lot of the same as it is now. I was born into a church family. I was going to church before I was born. I went t...

Weatherford, OK

Joy Price

I grew up in Wilmington, NC. I lived there all my life, life was great, friends were amazing. Then one day my parents decided to move to Ral...

Youngsville, NC
Faith Baptist Church in Youngsville

Brandy Bailey

I had a busy life before Christ. I commuted to work 3 hours round trip. I think some weeks I felt I lived on the road. My two little kids we...

Anderson, MO
Splitlog Baptist Church, Anderson, MO

Sonya Lockhart

I would like to share with you the most important thing that has ever happened to me. I used to stress and struggle over every little decisi...

Douglasville, GA
Beulah Baptist Church

Kimberly Duffle

Growing up my family went to church. My parents taught me to live by Christian values. I had one friend in particular who talked to me for y...

Edmond First Baptist

Derek Seevers

My Life before christ was very tough. I have divorced twice and I am now on my third marriage. Nothing was ever important to me unless it wo...

Buffalo, OK
First Baptist Church

Samson Tang

I grew up in a Christian home, so I have little memory of what life was like without Christ. But I know that without Christ, my whole life ...

Arlington, TX

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