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Kim Casillas

I had always believed there was a God, but did not know what He could do for me and what I was meant to do for Him. I felt I knew right fro...

Avant, OK

Bill Robertson

I was raised in a Christian home. My parents took me to church every Sunday. I was in bible study classes every time the doors opened. At th...

Ball, LA
Temple Baptist Church

Rhett Mallon

I did what ever made me happy, with no care if it was right, or its affect. I abused alcohol, language, and had no regard to anyone’s feeli...

Augusta, KS
First Southern Baptist Church

Alexandria McAtee

I was 7 when I invited Jesus to come into my heart. It was July 4th. I sang at church and didn't understand what I was singing about. My mom...

Weatherford, OK
Council Road Baptist, Bethany

Donna Burnett

I was a youth when I realized that everything I had tried to do to feel the peace and security with God wasn't working. I was embarrassed to...

Coweta, OK
Clearview Baptist Church

Sarah Tomes

Before I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I guess you could say life was tough, at least for an elementary student. My family was Christian base...

Norman, OK
Alameda church of Christ

flip motes

i was just your normal kid. my grandfather was a preacher. i can remember sitting in church and falling alseep, because I was bored and did...

okmulgee, OK
trinity baptist church

Brandi Dabbs

Wow. My life before Christ was just the worst thing ever. I did what I wanted and never really cared about other people or what they thought...

Jacksonville, FL
Westside Baptist Church

Bryan McAnally

I grew up in church, but church never impacted me. I lived for fun, friends, food, and more fun. From 14 to 20 yrs old, I didn't attend chur...

Florence, CO
Colorado Baptist General Convention

Sonny Mabry

I grew up without a father’s influence but as far back as I can remember my mother took my sisters and me to church. When I was 11 years ol...

Benton, AR
1stSouthern Baptist of Bryant AR

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