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Alex Kollar

Before I knew Jesus as my savior I was kind of just living my life based on what people thought of me. When I was younger we only really att...

Palm City, FL
LIfeQuest Church

George Robinson

I grew up just outside of Atlanta, GA. My parents divorced when I was young because my father was an alcoholic. Even though I attended chu...

Wake Forest, NC
George Robinson

John Starr

I was saved at the age of five, so the worst that I had done was back-talk my mom or lie about cutting my sister's hair. Even though I was ...

Alva, OK

Todd Panter

I was in church until the age of 12 and we stopped going after that...though I am not sure exactly why. I had good feelings associated with...

New Market, AL
Ignite City Church

Keri Martindale

I have gone to church since I was in kindergarten. I went with my other two sisters and my brother. My parents didn't go to church, either b...

Durant, OK

Tom Greenfield

I grew up in a large family and the youngest of six children. When I was 7 years old I went to the pastor, answered all "the questions", an...

Chickasha, OK
University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma BCM, Chickasha

Nigel Unrau

I first came to Christ when I was six while my parents were missionaries in Germany. It seems like I have always known Jesus in my life, bu...

Cochrane, OK
Bow Valley Baptist Church

Sharron Dollarhide

I grew up in a Christian home, was in church every Sunday and was baptized later in life. I knew in my head this was what I needed to do, bu...

Guthrie, OK
First Southern Baptist Church, Guthrie

John Stalder

Our family attended church regularly where I had heard from an early age that we are all sinners and that the consequence of sin is spiritua...

Calgary, Canada,
Richmond Hill Baptist Church, Calgary, Canada

Linn Nowlin

On Dec. 28, 1978, having grown up in a very loving home, it seemed unbelievable that my husband of 19 years did NOT love me! That particula...

Shawnee, OK
Immanuel Baptist Church, Shawnee OK

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