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Randy Heath

Life of an actor....pretending to be someone I was not. Broken, tired, ready for relief, ready to be freed....

Princeton, NC
Pinkney Missionary Baptist Church

Loy Morrison

I went to church as a boy, even became a church member. My parents and the church taught me to do the right things, but I didn't always do i...

Ochelata, OK
Eastern Heights Baptist, Bartlesville

Jimmy Reed

As a young child I went through a rough time. My parents were very young when I was born (mother 13). They married and divorced when I was...

Turpin, OK
Turpin Baptist

Janell Basden

I was a young girl visiting church camp with my best friend. We both were saved that night. I was baptized in a pond next to my home. I ...

Okemah, OK
Last Chance Baptist Church

Darla Jo Cheatwood

My history has been referenced as "The Curse". From childhood to adulthood, I existed in continuous neglect, physical and sexual abuse; addi...

Okemah, OK
Last Chance Baptist Church

Gary Irby

I grew up in a preacher's home. This meant that I went to church all the time. I thought that because my parents were Christians and becau...

Bothell, WA
Restoration Church:Mukilteo

Camryn Morgan

I lived a very hard life struggling through everything and feeling like I was drowning. I knew about God and went through the motions of go...

Altus, OK
Martha Road Baptist Church

Jakob Leonard

I was born and raised in a Christian home. I grew up going to church consistently, and doing devotions frequently from a young age. I remem...

Lynchburg, VA
Elevation Church

Julie Walker

I grew up in a home where we were very involved in church. I can never remember NOT going to church as a child and participating in Vacatio...

Tulsa, OK
Berean Baptist Church

John Schaffner

I occasionally attended church and would have even called myself a Christian. I considered myself successful by the standards of this world...

Calgary, OK

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