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Heather Hughes

Ever since I was eight, I believed I would go to heaven. I went to the church camp, Falls Creek, with my youth group. I realized there that...

Oklahoma City, OK
Highland Hills Baptist Church, Oklahoma City

Donald Eutsler

Life without Jesus is effort thrown away. There is no focus, just endless drifting. Bouncing from one foolish ambition to another and not re...

Grove, OK
First Baptist Church of Grove, OK

Dianna Bunch

The most important thing that has ever happened to me was the day I asked Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of my sins. I was abou...

Oktaha, OK

Emberly Flaming

Life before Christ is somewhat hard to remember for me. I was born and the next Sunday I was at church. I grew up hearing the Bible stories ...

Weatherford, OK

Katie Clevidence

I grew up in a family that celebrated Easter and Christmas for gifts and candy and a reason to eat more than our weight in food. I never kn...

Evansville, IN
Bethel Temple Community Church

John Gockel

I met Christ as an 11 year-old at church camp. For the following few years, I was a somewhat committed young Christian attending church fa...

wilburton, OK
Center Point Baptist Church

John Martinez

I was born in Belen, New Mexico. Belen is Spanish for Bethlehem. I was adopted at birth by two loving parents that made sure I had a Godly h...

Twin Falls, ID
Eastside Baptist Church

Scott Talley

Before Christ I was lost and in the darkness. I was trying to fit into the ways of this world. My goal in life was to fit in with the right ...

Wake Forest, NC

John Wanger

My life was just that...mine. I had grown tired of living up to others expectations of me and falling short of their expectations through h...

Tonkawa, OK
Northern Oklahoma College BCM,Tonkawa

Fred Avila

I lived a life full of sin like everyone in this world. As a teen I wanted to fit in everywhere I went. So I did what every teen would do. I...

Belleuve , ID
Bellevue Community Chruch

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