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Phillip Forbes

I have grew up in a Christian home so being saved was just the normal thing to do for me. Everyone expected it. Well, let me tell you that ...

Mexico, MO
Centenial Baptist Church, Mexico, MO

Sara Simpson

I grew up in a Christian home. My parents poured into me the love of Christ and how to live a life that reflects Christ. From the day I wa...

Stillwater, OK
Oklahoma State University BCM, Stillwater

colby harris

My life before Christ was lost. It was horrible. I was just living life looking everywhere except to God. Wow that sounds like I was a reall...

shawnee, OK
first southern baptist church

Ricky Maldonado

When I was younger my parents divorced, I don’t really know who my father is. In grade school it was pretty hard because I didn’t feel like...

Chesapeake, VA
First Chinese Baptist Church

Bernie Martens

As a teenager and a young adult I was searching to be accepted and to fit in. I thought that if I joined my friends in their activities I co...

yukon, OK
Portland Avenue Baptist Church

Sara Garner

I accepted Christ when I was very little, about six years old. After a few years, I pretty much forgot about the whole God thing. I still we...

Noble, OK
North East Baptist Church

Angela Merritt

So, I'm typical. I grew up in church. I didn't do very many bad things. I was a gentle and sensitive child, I think. I was happy, so imagine...

Pryor, OK

Miranda Cole

My life before God revolved around instant gratification which never filled the emptiness and loneliness I felt. It got to the point where I...

Borger, TX
First Baptist Church

Beth Edmonson

I grew up on a farm in Western Oklahoma, and my life before Christ was not anything out of the ordinary. I had wonderful parents that took m...

Oklahoma City, OK
Wilmont Place Baptist Church

Dustin Rhodes

Have you ever felt alone? Think that nobody cared for you and felt like you were worthless? That used to be me. I knew my family loved me an...

Arlington, TX
First Baptist church of Cleburne

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