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Zachary Hillman

As a kid, my family went to church almost every Sunday but I honestly didn't enjoy it too much because I was shy and didn't fit in well with...

Cochrane, OK

Al Groner

The greatest thing that ever happened to me was something that happened when I was very young. I recognized that I was a sinner. At that you...

Hannibal, MO

Heather Bassett

I was living a life of destruction. I was popping pills and drinking alcohol all the time. Drugs and lcohol was my go to thing when I felt l...

sayre, OK
First Baptist Church

Jeff Pollard

I was raised in a home where we went to church every Sunday. I heard the Good News of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ at a very early ag...

Sedalia, MO

Roger Howell

I have been blessed throughout my life. I was raised in a Christian home by Christian parents. Unfortunately this gave me the opportunity to...

Broken Arrow, OK
Indian Springs Baptist Church

LaVerna Marshall

My life was a normal child’s life before I met Jesus. I learned how to do many things at home with my family, went to school and Sunday Scho...

Guthrie, OK
First Southern Baptist Church, Guthrie

Ronnie Payne

Life’s not fair! As I grew up that thought crossed my mind often as our family tried to cope with the hardships brought on by alcoholism in...

Tishomingo, OK

Kathi Petersen

As far as I can remember I always went to church. I've always known about Jesus. When I was in elementary school, I walked up the aisle to...

Collinsville, OK
Central Baptist Church

Richard Leach

My parents made a strong emphasis on doing the right thing, going to church, and getting saved. I was taught the Bible said there were thin...

Suwanee, GA
North Gwinnett Baptist Church

Laurie Tinsley

I was the MVP of the defending state 1A basketball champions, headed on scholarship to Troy State University, and my team was ranked #1 and ...

Westville, FL
West Pittman Baptist Church

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