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Paul Norwood

I grew up in a family that seemed to have everything going their way. When I was nine years old, I realized my parents were getting a divorc...

Owsso, OK
Central Baptist Church

Mary Baker

The most important event in my life occurred in the early autumn of 1947 two weeks before my fourteenth birthday. I was picking cotton in no...

Stigler, OK

Kevin McCullough

I grew up in a Christian home and attended church almost every Wednesday and Sunday. I had learned about God and thought I knew all about H...

Oklahoma City, OK
First Baptist Church, Moore

Ken McCune

It seems like it should have been very natural finding purpose in life. After all I heard over and over again about abundant life in church....

Springfield, MO
Promise Point Baptist Church

Shawn Wasson

I grew up in a single parent household. My mom would drop me off at Sunday School a few times a year. I always felt guilty for not going t...

Cape Girardeau, MO

Garrett Pierce

I grew up in a christian home. However I remember thinking that getting to heaven was something you had to work for and when you died you ho...

Bloomington, IN
Foot of the Cross

Ben Beck

As a kid I had this feeling that there was more to life than what I was doing. I knew that I had done things that were not right but I did ...

West Lafayette, IN
Purdue Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Robin LaChance

What is your legacy – we all have one, what we will leave behind of our lives for the next generation. I came from a very strong family back...

Iberia, MO
FBC Iberia

Jeff Pollard

I was raised in a home where we went to church every Sunday. I heard the Good News of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ at a very early ag...

Sedalia, MO

Richard Colavito

Have you ever had a moment where you stood in front of a mirror and wondered “Who is the person looking back at me”? t happened to me. I fo...

Lawton, OK
Cameron Baptist, Lawton

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