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Jayna Balcer

I really do not remember life before Christ. I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home, and taught from a very early age that it was ne...

Bartlesville, OK
Bartlesville Southern Baptist Church

Amaziah Travis

I grew up in church. I always knew who Jesus was but I didn't know him personally. It felt like something was missing out of my life. I was...

Norman, OK
Hilltop Baptist Church

Stena Brewer

I used to think I had to be good to go to heaven. I thought if I was good all the time and never got into any trouble I would be able to li...

Okmulgee, OK

Scott Hamilton

At the age of 14, my family began faithfully attending church in Asher, OK. It was an exciting little church with powerful preaching, but my...

Hinton, OK

Leroy Seats III

I was born in Indianapolis. My parents divorced when I was three and I moved. My father abused my mother in every way. He'd put beer in my b...

Virginia Beach, AL
Virginia Beach Free Will

Richard Sanders

A restless kid. That’s how I would describe myself years ago prior to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There just did not s...

Elgin, IL
Larkin Avenue Baptist Church

Kaitlyn Miles

Before I met Christ my dad was a pastor, so I was always surrounded by people who loves God, and wanted me to love God too. I also just knew...

Ocala, FL

Toni Simon

Before Christ came into my life, I was definitely heading in the wrong direction. I was so lost. Finally a friend invited me to camp at Fall...

Purcell, OK
First Baptist Church, Purcell

David Bond

I was a normal kid, in a normal family, living a regular, ordinary life. From an early age, I attended church and understood my need for Ch...

Little Rock, AR
First Southern Baptist Church

Amy Consley

On the outside, most people would have thought I grew up incredibly happy, but on the inside I was falling apart. After being a victim of s...

Terre Haute , IN
Baptist Collegiate Ministry

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