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Ellen Anne Bentley

Jesus Christ convicted me to give my life to Him when I was in the third grade. I was at a Mercy Me Concert and I felt as if the Holy Spir...

Helena, AL
Westwood Baptist Church

Tim Binns

I was a typical teenager. I loved to have a good time. I was not bad. I made great grades. I had even attended church a few times on Easter....

Huber Heights, OH
FBC Vandalia

Cheryl Risenhoover

I am so thankful my mother took her children to church to learn about Jesus and hear God's word. As a result I knew I needed Jesus in my li...

Owasso, OK
Central Baptist Church

Keri Martindale

I have gone to church since I was in kindergarten. I went with my other two sisters and my brother. My parents didn't go to church, either b...

Durant, OK

Marlana Branning

I have been so very blessed in my life! I grew up in a loving home with an amazing family! Even though I have always been a "good" person, I...

Wake Forest, NC
Richland Creek Community Church

Caleb Thomas

I was raised in the church since I was an infant. I was taught about Christ and the teachings of the Bible through Sunday school and church...

Valdosta, GA
Northside Baptist Church

Hilary Haynes

Growing up I went to church with my mom and dad. When I was about seven or eight my parents and I stopped going to church. We had stopped go...

Oklahoma City, OK
Wilmont Place Baptist Church

Ed Fenton

Thanks to a friend of mine who I played little league soccer with, my family and I began attending Sunday school and church with his family...

Marshall, TX
First Baptist Church

John Vernon

As I was growing up, I tried everything to please others. I desperately wanted to be accepted. While still in high school, a friend explai...

Sikeston, MO
Miner Baptist Church, Sikeston

Wade Harelson

I met the Lord when I was young, age 7. I remember the deep sense of conviction; in my soul I knew I needed the Lord. I gave Him my life. Y...

Okemah, OK
First Baptist Church of Okemah, OK

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