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Gwendelyn Grizzle

My parents taught me at a young age about God's love for me. They took us to church every time the door was open. I watched them reading God...

McAlester, OH
McAlester's Exciting First Baptist Church

Michael Cannon

It is hard for me to say much about my life before Christ, I felt the call of Jesus on my life at the age of 7. When I was introduced to Je...

Tularosa, NM
First Baptist Church, Tularosa, NM.

Joe Cram

My life before Christ was simply terrible. I was angry at everything, I had no care in the world for anything or anyone else, and I just fel...

mansfield, GA
centennial baptist church

Phil Thurston

I grew up going to church and hearing about God and his son Jesus. I was always told the stories of the Bible were true and I believed them...

Shawnee, OK
Rock Creek Baptist Church, Shawnee

TJ Elliott

I grew up going to church. When I was eight years old, I joined the church and was baptized. I lived with the belief that when I died I woul...

East Bernard, TX

Mary Roper

I was 10 when my father retired from the US Navy and moved the family to the mountains of NC to be nearer family. I made it until the age of...

Smithfield, NC
Antioch Baptist Church

Michelle Young

Growing up in a "non" Christian home, I experienced a family being guided by all kinds of influences except Christ. My parents were good peo...

canton, GA
First Baptist Church Holly Springs

Todd Panter

I was in church until the age of 12 and we stopped going after that...though I am not sure exactly why. I had good feelings associated with...

New Market, AL
Ignite City Church

Robin Young

I had the priviledge of being raised by Godly, Christian parents. I was known by my sister as Miss Goody Two-shoes. But doing all the righ...

El Reno, OK
Trinity Baptist of El Reno, OK

John Gockel

I met Christ as an 11 year-old at church camp. For the following few years, I was a somewhat committed young Christian attending church fa...

wilburton, OK
Center Point Baptist Church

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