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John Yeats

I am super blessed to have a wonderful family of origin who went to church. As a pre-teen, I regularly heard the word of God and began to as...

Alexandria, LA
Louisiana Baptist Convention

Russell Hughes

Going to church is something that my mom, sisters and grandparents have always done. I remember sitting in Sunday School hearing all the bi...

Morrison, OK
Hilltop Country Church

Greg Best

I was a college baseball player and got hurt my sophomore year. I was drinking and partying with my buddies and really very depressed. I w...

Oklahoma City, OK
First Southern Baptist Church

Sharon Scott

I joined the church at an early age of 5 years. I was taught all the childhood bible stories, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, etc. I...

Lexington, KY
Shiloh Baptist Curch

Roger Johnson

Although I was raised in a family that faithfully took me to church, something seemed to be missing in my life. I knew many of the basic Bi...

Villa Ridge, MO
First Baptist Church, Villa Ridge

Chris Allen

I was born a preacher's child and at the age of 8 years old I made a profession of faith, but I know now today, it was merely just that, a p...

Wake Forest, NC

Tim Perry

I was one of five children growing up in a small Midwestern town. I was brought up in a very caring Catholic family, but I cannot say the wo...

Elgin, IL
Elgin E-Free Church

Roberta Cothrum

I grew up in a Christian home and was a good person. I did all I could do to be perfect in the eyes of others but deep inside I knew someth...

Oklahoma City, OK
Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond

Judith Beck

I went to church from the time I was born. My parents moved a lot and by the time I reached high school age I had moved 11 times. The chur...

Stillwater, OK
Hillcrest Baptist Church

Vicki Arocha

I grew up knowing who Jesus was, but did not have a personal relationship with Him. My parents had a disagreement with their church and act...

Holdenville, OK
FBC Holdenville

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