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Brian Baldwin

I was born in Oklahoma City, but grew up in Newcastle. I was a very ordinary, shy, and chubby guy that didn’t really have a lot of friends. ...

Blanchard , OK
Woodland Hills Baptist Church, New Castle

John Wohlgemuth

I grew up in a church going family where God was a big part of our lives. I came to a realization at the age of 7 that I was missing somethi...

Stillwater, OK
Trinity Baptist Church, Weatherford Oklahoma

Larry VanLandingham

I was a pretty good kid growing up, never got into much trouble, and never had any desire for drugs or alcohol. My family did not start goin...

Winston Salem, NC
Edgewood Baptist Church

Dave Watson

Even as a kid I realized that I needed something in my life - something was missing. I had an emptiness, and after I asked Jesus to come in...

Okmulgee, OK
First Baptist Church, Okmulgee

Branch Warren

My life before Christ wasn’t good. I did whatever I wanted and never considered if it was wrong or right. I never had God in my Life nor did...

Washington, MO
Faith Baptist Church

Tammy Peace

I worried about everything. After the OKC bombing I had a very hard time dealing with it, even though I didn't know anyone that was actuall...

Tinker AFB, OK
Northeast Baptist Church

Elizabeth Norrie

When I was in the first grade, I went to Vacation Bible School. There, we learned the ABC’s of becoming a Christian. A = ADMIT, B = BELIEVE...

Enid, OK
First Baptist Church, Enid

Greg Lawrence

My life before Christ was an unobserved life. I had no purpose and no purpose for living. I thought being religious would validate my life. ...

Hamilton, NJ
Faith Baptist Church

David Blair

I grew up as a preacher's kid. I don't remember not being aroud a church. I do remember being in our living room in Tribune, KS when I was 9...

Okemah, OK
Last Chance Baptist Church, Okemah, OK

Kim Barnett

I was in the 6th grade when I accepted Christ as my Savior. All I knew was that I did not want to go to hell and be separated from God for ...

Copan, OK

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