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Charlotte Murphy

As a seven-year old growing up in rural America, my life was sheltered by my family, and oriented toward our church. When a VBS teacher poin...

Yukon, OK
Canadian Valley Baptist Church

Josephine Hulsey

I was taken to tent revivals when I was very young. As a child of seven years old, I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior. At the age of ...


Renee Bush

I had the privilege of learning early in my life about God and his love for me. At the age of 8, I began to fear death. At church, I lear...

Oklahoma City, OK
Wilmont Place Baptist Church

Cecilia Baker

I was the 4th child in my family but I was really an "only child" because my two sisters and brother were much older when I was born. If it ...

Batesville, AR
First Baptist Church

Julia Clark

I was born in a christian home. My dad was a pastor, my mom ,brother, and sister were very faithful to church. I "thought" I came to know th...

Telford, TN
Cherry Grove Baptist

Kadee Brosseau

I asked Jesus to come into my life at a young age. So, as a 7 year old I hadn't exactly had time to get too deep into, what some would call,...

Crane , MO
First Baptist Church, Crane

Bill Hines

Born to a Christian mother and a father who was not. Taken to church and Sunday school every week. My father became a Christian when I was ...

Coushatta, LA
First Baptist Church, Coushatta

Dennis Lindemann

I was raised in a home by my parents that divorced and or separated 13 times before I was 12 years old. I remember the hurt and lonliness I...

Broken Arrow, OK
Arrow Heights Baptist Church, Broken Arrow

Jeff Hattey

My parents made sure I was in church on a regular basis. It seemed there were certain things I needed to do in order to be good enough to “...

Stillwater, OK
Eagle Heights Baptist Church

Kandice Isom

I was a lost girl heading in no particular direction. I was just sort of going in circles. My family didn't attend church except for the occ...

Apache, OK

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