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Marty Joplin

I grew up in a home where my mom and dad did not attend church. They were good folks just not interested in church. Fortunately, a Godly nei...

Kirksville, MO
First Baptist Church, Kirksville

Samantha Faulkner

Before Christ was actually apart of my life, my only priorities were schoolwork and band. Yes, I believed in God and Jesus Christ. I heard...

Claremore, OK
Memorial Heights Baptist Church, Claremore

Jerry Roper

I had gone to church most of my life. I knew all of the Bible stories, knew that Jesus was God's Son, and knew that he died on the cross for...

Smithfield, NC
Antioch Baptist Church

Bernard Hobbs

When I was a child my mother would make me go to church with her on Sunday. I didn’t understand a thing about the real reasons why someone ...

Enid, OK
Your Family Church, Enid

Evan Hill

My life before Christ was meaningless and a big void. I was raised in the church, but I did not know that Jesus wanted a personal Relationsh...

Wake Forest, NC

Deborah Nash Burman

I was baptized for all the wrong reasons. I was taught from an early age about a loving God, His mercy and kindness from wonderful Godly pa...

Overland Park, KS
Lenexa Baptist Church

Terry Hopkins

I did not grow up in church. I had an abusive father that was a drunk. I left home as a teenager and began a life of drugs sex and alcohol. ...

Rutledge, GA
Centennial Baptist Church

Michael Cannon

I went to church as a child and knew of Jesus. At the age of 7, I felt the call to go forward and give my life to God. As you can imagine ...

Perkins, OK
Immanuel Baptist Chruch

Elaine Hughes

As my niece lay dying, I came to realize that I had no control over anything on earth. Whether or not I took my next breath was controlled b...

Piedmont, MO
Tabernacle Baptist Church

Rhonda Wilhite

I am surprised at how people struggle to make the decision to accept Jesus as their savior. They worry about what they will have to give up ...

Independence, MO
Calvary Baptist Church

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