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Warren Gillilan

Growing up in a Christian home, I had the privilege of going to church almost every Sunday. There I learned about God and His Son Jesus, an...

Fort Worth, TX

Rick Shepherd

Before I came to Christ, I was a "good" child, obeying my parents most of the time. I attended church, made good grades, but knew something ...

Jacksonville, FL
Westside Baptist Church

Elizabeth Levesque

I was young, naïve, and heading towards destruction; but I was clueless. Growing up in a Christian home, I always felt safe and secure. When...

madison, CT
Grace Community Church

Ralph McCormick

Even when we are quite young, we know the difference between right and wrong, and our choices have consequences. At 6 years of age, I wasn'...

Midwest City, OK
Country Estates Baptist Church

John Gibbs

I was raised in the Church. My dad was a Baptist preacher. He and my mom made sure my sister and brother and I were in church. As a 10 y...

Ocilla, GA
Bethlehem Baptist Church

Sarah Marsh

When I was a young girl, I was baptized as a Catholic when I was a baby. My parents really never talked about religion too much. I really di...

Otisco, IN
First Baptist Charlestown

Katlyn Moncada

I was born into a Christian family, so there isn't much to my life before Christ. I am part Filipino. My Mom, who is American, grew up in a ...

St. Louis, MO
South County Baptist Church

Kendra Laufer

I was four years old when I first heard the amazing love story about Jesus. I came home from church crying because I was so broken to hear a...

Collinsville, OK
Central Baptist Church Owasso OK

Carl Coffman

I grew-up as the 5th of 7 children. Visiting family and going to church were our primary activities. Though few believe it now, I was extr...

Shawnee, OK
Immanuel Baptist Church, Shawnee OK

TJ Easter

I grew up in church. My mom was the Sunday school director, my dad was a deacon. If the church was open we were there. I remember making ...

Mayodan, NC
Mayodan First Baptist Church

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