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Cheyene Marsh

My name is Cheyene Atherton and I live in Henley, MO. I was five years old when I accepted Jesus into my heart. For a long time a believed I...

Henley, MO
Concord Baptist Church

Darrell Overbey

I was out of control and had no idea where it would end. I had been married a few years and was trying to fill a void by drinking, looking ...

Los Lunas, NM
First Baptist Church Los Lunas

Matt Kearns

I grew up in church and became familiar with who Jesus Christ was at an early age. There is not a lot of history before Christ in my life a...

Jefferson City, MO

Bill S L

I was blessed with a praying grandmother, that until her last day on earth prayed unceasingly for her family. In general, we were just lost ...

Upland, CA

Rande Snyder

We went to church growing up but mostly out of obligation. I grew up very confused about what the Bible was all about. I had many questions ...

San Antonio, TX
Leon Valley Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX

David Hankins

I had the benefit of being reared by parents who took me to church and taught me the Bible. However, as a young teenager I realized that I h...

Alexandria, LA
Louisiana Baptist Convention

Mike Fetters

In 1967 my dad was very sick with Crohn's Disease and needed surgery that could only be done at the Mayo Clinc in Minnesota. We didn't have ...

Oklahoma City, OK
Church of the Journey

Butch Booth

At the age of 8 years old, I begin to realize something was not exactly right inside. Everytime I went to church, I was ready to leave beca...

Wilburton, OK

Regina Tatum

I was 7 years old and going to church with my grandparents the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. The angels rejoiced. I wa...

Kaw City, OK
Oak Grove Baptist

Rodney Epps

I was raised in church, even knew Jesus was the Son of God. As a ten year old child, I was baptized but did not live my life for Christ. I d...

Tulsa, Ok
Calvary Baptist Church, Tulsa

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