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Gary Fielding

Growing up in a family that did not go to church, I am grateful for a community that had people that cared for children and young people in ...

Davis, OK

Amanda Russell

I went to church every Sunday as a child. You could even say that I was born in the church pew. I knew all the Bible stories and songs. I...

Stillwater, OK
Oklahoma State University BCM, Stillwater

Linda Wilson

As a child, my mother always took me to church with my two sisters. It was there that I learned that God loved me. I also came to the real...

Bartlesville, OK
Eastern Heights Baptist Church, Bartlesville

Roger Johnson

Although I was raised in a family that faithfully took me to church, something seemed to be missing in my life. I knew many of the basic Bi...

Villa Ridge, MO
First Baptist Church, Villa Ridge

Gwen Hornsey

When I was a child, my little brothers and I rode a bus to church since my parents didn’t take us. It seems that I was always fighting with...

Coweta, OK

Don Mills

I used to worry about everything. I worried about my children, my marriage and our finances. At work, I worried about being behind and abo...

Oklahoma City, OK
Highland Baptist Church, Moore

Gary Myers

I grew up in a Christian home. When Sunday came, there never was any doubt as to where we were going. We almost always began the week by att...

Sedalia, MO
Flat Creek Baptist Church, Sedalia, MO

Barbara Feighner

Our family did not attend church anywhere. My grandmother persuaded my parents to take my 3 brothers and me to Sunday School. We learned t...

Ada, OK
First Baptist of Ada

Katie Vertullo

Before I met Christ, my life was superficial. I only cared about partying, impressing people, and having the best material things. By worldl...

Jupiter, FL
Church in the Farms

Robert Bowen

Most people would have considered me a "good person" when I was a kid. I was a good student, got good grades, and even a little athletic. ...

Buford, GA
First Baptist Church of Buford

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