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Roger Bear

I grew up in a small, Indiana town. Early on I was labeled a "good kid" because I managed to keep my parents happy, make decent grades, play...

Terre Haute, IN
Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Alexis Phinazee

My life before I met Christ was quite terrible. I spent the majority of my early teen years making the wrong decisions, getting into trouble...

boynton beach, FL
Saint John missionary baptist church

Lin Brister

Although I asked Jesus to come into my life while in kindergarten, I was just as lost as the most depraved sinner you may know about. Not o...

Tulsa, OK
Park View Baptist Church, Tulsa

Jeremy Jackson

I was a church kid. I was made to go to church. By the time I was a teen I thought I had heard every sermon there was to hear. I got teary e...

Claremore, OK
Eastern Hills Baptist Church

Deborah Robertson

I was raised by Christian parents and was always in church with my family. I knew about Christ, but didn't have a relationship with Him. He...

First Baptist Church, Anadarko, OK

Carl Phelps

When I was 13 and had just moved to a large suburb from a very small town, I realized my whole family would one day be in Heaven, but I wou...

Chickasha, OK
College Heights Baptist

TJ Jarvis

I grew up with religion as a huge part of my life. It was pomp, circumstance, and ceremony. None of it penetrated the surface. As I grew in...

Eastpoint Church

James Loyd

I was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home, and my parents were active in our local church. My Dad was a Sunday School teacher and d...

Collinsville, OK
Central Baptist Owasso

Brett Rogers

God really began dealing with me at an early age, mostly through Sunday School. I started to understand that I needed God in my life. I a...

Claremore, OK
Rogers State University BCM, Claremore

Maribeth Belcher

I grew up in a Christian home. I knew about the love of Jesus from a very young age. One night in a special church service we were having d...

Edmond, OK
Edmond 1st Baptist

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