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Andrea James

As a child I grew up very insecure. As I look back I seemed to have been on a continual search for my Lord and Savior, just took every wrong...

Okmulgee, OK
Last Chance Baptist Church

Gloria Blankenship

After applying for a new job right after my best friend had been murdered, the personnel director noticed that I was upset, but went on to ...

Coweta, OK
Arrow Heights Baptist Church

Brian Dickinson

I was a pretty average kid growing up. I was raised in a Christian home so I had an idea of who Jesus was. I remember one day though, I wa...

Enid, OK
First Baptist Church Enid

Samantha Staiger

I was raised in a Christian home and grew up going to church. Around the age of 7 I went to a revival at church one evening, where I accept...

Germantown, OH
Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Jason Grubbs

I grew up in a small town. From my earliest memories I can remember being taught manners and consideration for others. I've always conside...

Sikeston, MO
Miner Baptist Church, Sikeston, MO

Chad MacKenzie

I was brought up in a dysfunctional family where my dad was very hot-tempered and showed me little affection. This caused me to grow up feel...

Cochrane, OK
Bow Valley Baptist, Cochrane, Canada

Christopher Bonner

I was in a state of uncertainty. What I thought was new was now old. My high was now my low. I had my purpose and function confused. Slowly ...


Mary Lou Perkey

At 28 years of age I admitted that my church membership and baptism at an earlier age was not enough. I knew I was lost. I did not have a ...

Hobart, OK

Mel Brock

My parents never took me to church but thankfully some neighbors took an interest in me and took me to church. Even though I was a young boy...

Yukon, OK
Highland Hills Baptist Church, OKC

Chantel Gray

Before I invited Jesus to come into my life, I had the knowledge of him, but never understood why I needed a Savior or how to go about recei...

Bartlesville, OK
Highland Park Baptist Church

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