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Gary W. Stewart

I was raised in the church, but I was a strong willed, rebellious little child, that became an obnoxious arrogant teenager. Having been rais...

Billings, MO
Morning Star Baptist

Bill Meek

I grew up on a farm in north Texas. When I began high school, I ran with the "exciting" crowd. I was popular for being rebellious and enjo...

Broken Arrow, OK
Parkview Baptist Church

Dale Griffin

Discovering the most important thing did not take place simply because I had a strong family back ground. My parents were commited to each ...

Shawnee, OK
Immanuel, Shawnee Ok

Steve Wood

I was raised in church and went through all the motions. My parents taught me the Bible. However, I was a shy kid and "got saved" as a way ...

Autryville, NC
Union Grove Baptist Church

Bob Mayfield

I grew up going to church. My parents were Sunday School teachers and it seems like we spent a lot of time at church. However, I did not rea...

Oklahoma City, OK
First Baptist Church, Edmond OK

Test Tester

.test .test...

Decatur, GA
FBC Church

David Bennett

When was a young boy, my parents told me about Jesus Christ. I learned that God loved me and that He wanted to have a relationship with me....

Cedarville, OH
Hope Community Church

Lori Pyron

I had attended church for as long as I can remember. As child, I was baptized and thought that I had done all that was required to spend e...

Yellville, AR
First Baptist Church, Yellville, AR

Katie Vertullo

Before I met Christ, my life was superficial. I only cared about partying, impressing people, and having the best material things. By worldl...

Jupiter, FL
Church in the Farms

Roberta Cothrum

I grew up in a Christian home and was a good person. I did all I could do to be perfect in the eyes of others but deep inside I knew someth...

Oklahoma City, OK
Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond

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