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Patty Erward

I had an abusive dad and a frightened mom. She did not stop the abuse. My dad hurt me real bad. As a little girl, my life was very dark. ...

Martha Road Baptist Church

Keno King

I grew up in a Christian home but didn't come to a real relationship with Christ until I was 16. I was very involved with the church ever si...

Bartlesville, OK
Bartlesville Southern, Bartlesville

Britt Kirtman

I came to know Christ at a young age, but I chose to really follow God after fighting to live my own way. I had to grow from my parents' rel...

Bloomington, IN
Foot of the Cross Church

Reta Russell

I was thirteen and my brother was eleven when he gave his heart to Jesus. For convenience my parents decided we both would be baptized the ...

Lawton, OK
Cameron Baptist Church

Gaye Call

It’s the late 1940’s and the operation is very risky for the unborn child but necessary for the mother's life - a giant cyst on the mother’s...

Broken Arrow, OK
Arrow Heights Baptist Church

J.R. Hopson

Growing up in a Christian family I had always attended church. I was not a bad kid and did not cause a lot of trouble. I always went to chur...

Payson, UT
The Crossings Church SBC

Jan Bray

I always felt GOD in my life. I attended church as a child when my parents went. I met a girl in school and she asked if I was saved. I aske...

Sand Springs, OK

Emily Nichols

Before I met Christ, I was empty inside. I constantly searched for meaning, something deeper to fill my need. I considered myself a "good"...

Van Buren, Ar
First Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR

Valerie Blackwood

I grew up in a loving christian home and church was a family Sunday ritual. I was saved when I was 9 or so. I was very active in my church...

Lane, OK
Harmony Baptist Church

Samson Tang

I grew up in a Christian home, so I have little memory of what life was like without Christ. But I know that without Christ, my whole life ...

Arlington, TX

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