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Fay Wiley

I grew up with an alcoholic mother, no father and plenty of step dads. I was abused, neglected, and abandoned by both parents. This environm...

Coweta, OK
First Baptist Coweta

craig golden

My life before Christ was filled with sin, anger, depression, hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide. On July 3rd 2001, I had reached the end...

Heber Springs, AR
Sugarloaf Baptist Church

Nathan Liverman

When I first met Christ I truly believe that I was too young to fully understand. Growing up going to church, I assumed I was all right. Ove...

Greenwood , SC
South Main Babtist

Lesley Yowell

I met Christ when I was eight. I asked my mom how to pray, and she told me I needed to tell the Lord I was sorry for my sins - the things I ...

Shawnee, OK
Rock Creek Baptist Church, Shawnee

Joe Leveille

For 9 years my life was controlled by deep depression. My life was hopeless; fear of death was all that kept me alive. I felt that I was in ...

Headrick, OK
Martha Road Baptist Church

Paul Paisley

I was a “good church kid.” God blessed me with Christian parents who loved me, each other, and most importantly Jesus. They taught me about...

Newberry, FL
First Baptist Newberry, FL

Bill Boldt

Growing up in a dysfunctional home lead me to become full of anger and bitterness because of the various forms of abuse. I was angry and hat...

Ewing, KY
Southern Heights Baptist Chuch

Julia Clark

I was born in a christian home. My dad was a pastor, my mom ,brother, and sister were very faithful to church. I "thought" I came to know th...

Telford, TN
Cherry Grove Baptist

Angela Banks

I'm thankful that my God came to save the rule-followers as much as the rule-breakers. I spent the first part of my life doing all that I co...

Canyon, TX
First Baptist Church, Canyon TX

Kevin Crittendon

I was taken to church by my parents as a child and that's what I considered normal. Most of my friends were also taken to church by their p...

Ninety Six, SC
South Main Street Baptist

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