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Kim Gilstrap

I accepted Christ at the early age of 7. I don’t really remember life before then. I do have faint memories of being a child of the everyday...

Springfield, MO
Second Baptist Church

Nicholas vance

I had a normal childhood, no major family problems. I was raised Catholic, but when my parents divorced I was taken to a Baptist Church. I w...

moore, OK
Rancho Village Baptist Church

Jason Grubbs

I grew up in a small town. From my earliest memories I can remember being taught manners and consideration for others. I've always conside...

Sikeston, MO
Miner Baptist Church, Sikeston, MO

Will Stucky

Christ has always been a part of my human growth, but I originally had never really known much about salvation. Sure, I believed in God and...

Tahlequah, OK

Amelia Holder

Growing up was rough for me. I was rebellious. I was searching. After my parents divorced I struggled with self esteem issues and depress...

Marceline, MO
First Baptist Church Marceline

Kristina Ramsey

My Mom and Dad divorced when I was about 4-years-old. Mom and I struggled financially, but God always proved His love and provided for us. T...

Erwin, TN

Carol McCain

I grew up in a non-Christian home with of my mother, father and 4 brothers. I was the youngest and only girl. My mother had been a victim o...

Oklahoma City, OK
First Baptist Hinton

Tammy Satterthwaite

Like so many people, I was privileged to be born into a Christian home with strong Christian parents, who made sure that I was in church on ...

Edmond, OK
Waterloo Road Baptist Church

Bert Cothern

I was born in Alma, a small farming town in South Georgia. Raised by a Christian family, I have always attended church, and my parents were ...

Greenwood, SC
South Main Street Baptist Church

Elizabeth Shanley

I grew up going to church every Sunday with my family, but did not have an understanding of the gospel. The church gave us Bibles in fourth ...

Edmond, OK
Edmond's First Baptist Church

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