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Mike Detzel

I grew up with a religious background. I was involved in church on a regular basis. I served as an alter boy in my early years. I believed a...

Columbia City, OR
Grace Baptist Church

Deborah Ackerman

Have you ever witnessed a miracle from God? I have. When I was eleven years old, I visited my cousin and attended a mid-week prayer meeting...

Clinton, SC
Davidson Street Baptist

Wayne Bledsoe

I was a young person raised in church all my life. I attended the typical Sunday School classes, heard all of the usual stories, and was jus...

Duffield, VA
Thomas Village Baptist Church

Jeff Hughes

I grew up going to church. If the doors were open, I was usually there. I just enjoyed being there. As I got older my mom had to urge me to ...

Newburgh, IN

Summer Proffer

I grew up knowing little of the real world. I was protected and loved and cared for. As I got older, I started to wonder about life's bigger...

Shawnee, OK
Immanuel Baptist Church

Jojo Naval

I was born & raised a religious person trying to be righteous by attending church every Sunday. As I matured, I realized I had more unanswe...

San Juan Pueblo, NM
First Baptist Church. Espanola, New Mexico

Matt Alexander

There was something missing in my life. Being a good person did not give me the life I needed or wanted. My father was a Pastor and both my...

Rutledge, GA
Hope Church of Madison

Rusty McCormick

A very storied past of several adulterous relationships, failed marriages,drinking, drugs, you name it. I never thought about Hell, I thoug...

Wilburton, OK
Panola Baptist Church

Cheryl Wright

As a young girl, I attended a club at my church. I studied to memorize everything they asked me to, especially the Bible verses. I could say...

Shawnee, OK
Immanuel Baptist Church, Shawnee OK

Jay Wright

I had desires inside me I couldn’t control. At only 18 years old, I was confused and broken. My drug abuse opened the door to a life of immo...

Rock Hill, SC
Calvary Baptist Church

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