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Kayla Gardner

In high school, I was almost anorexic. All the guys were chasing after me because I knew what boys wanted. One day I realized I was no longe...

Ladoga, IN

Phyllis Rogers

I've always joked if I bled it would be Southern Baptist. I grew up in a Christian home in Illinois. I was a GA, did bus ministry, helped wi...

Okemah, OK
Calvary Baptist -Okemah

Lorie Rivera

I grew up going to church and at a very early age, I realized that I was selfish and self-centered. I naturally wanted my way instead of God...

Clinton, OK
First Baptist Church

Dan Bauder

As a young child I was fortunate to have parents who took me to church instead of sending me to church. Even though I went to church regular...

St. James, MO
Broadway Baptist

Jill Daugherty

I was six years old when I gave my life to Christ. A pretty big commitment for a young person, but even at that young age, I understood wha...

Stillwater, OK
Eagle Heights Baptist Church, Stillwater

Velma Hood

Actually I guess my life before I met Christ was that of an average girl, with no sisters, growing up with four ornery brothers and parents ...

Guthrie, OK
First Southern Baptist Church, Guthrie

sungjin, sunny, cho

I was born in Seoul, South Korea. Before I met Jesus Christ, I just wanted freedom. My desire was to be free from any enforcement. I began t...

calgary, OK
korean methodist church

Craig Wright

Growing up my life was pretty normal, parents divorced when I was 6, spent piles of time living with my grandparents. I enjoyed spending ti...

Moore, OK
Faith Crossing

Nick Braunschneider

I grew up in a broken home filled with rage, addictions, hypocrisy, and abuse. I knew about Jesus Christ. That He was God’s Son, and that He...

Nashville, TN
Belmont Heights Baptist Church

Tim Butler

I sometimes think about giving this type of personal testimony; that I became a Christian while being chased in the plains of Africa by a pa...

Travelers Rest, SC
New Liberty

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