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jackson kinney

I was baptized at a young age so I don't remember a lot about my early life but I wasn't beating people up or any of that, but I was far fr...

yulee, FL
first baptist church callahan

Rachel Lowry

Because I was raised in a church-going home and have had many times of personal rededication, I don’t remember “The Moment”. I just remember...

Bloomington, IN
Foot of the Cross

Alvin Plymel

Before I knew Crist as my Savior I was living for the world. I found only temporary pleasures in my actions. I was a self made man. I was my...

live oak , FL
Westside Baptist Church

Wyatt Hoyle

I have felt God calling me since I was quite young. Yet, it scared me and I ran from God. I didn't lead a very pretty life. I ran to the sec...

Slaughterville BaptistChurch, Oklahoma City

Fran Baker

I think I lived pretty much an ordinary life. I had 12 years of school, married at 18 and raised 5 children. For 35 years I put up with v...

Lawton, OK
Cameron Baptist

Matthew Gabriele

My life before Christ was a living hell. I wanted to end my life, but something was telling me not to. That "something" was God. When I was ...

Lawton, OK
First Baptist West Church, Lawton

Gene Groat

Though my parents both had a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST when I was a child, they didn’t attend church. They always made sure my...

Arnold, MO
FBC Arnold, MO

Joyce Wright

I learned about God as a child attending a parochial school and church, but fell away as a teenager. Partying on Saturday nights and sleepin...

Sedalia, MO
Flat Creek Baptist Church, Sedalia, MO

Peter Copeland

Thank you for taking time to respond to the card I left you. The most important thing in my life is my personal relationship with Jesus Chr...

Myrtle Beach, SC
Waccamaw Baptist Association

Brenda Jaye

When I was 8 years old I wondered what it was like to REALLY know be best friends. I was full of anger and had an empty feeling in...

Yukon, OK
First Baptist Church Yukon, OK

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