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Lewis Beck

When I was young my mother took me to a little country church that didn't even have a full-time pastor. When I was 16 the church had a rev...

Stillwater, OK
Hillcrest Baptist Church

Shanna Prine

Hi! My name is Shanna Prine. I want to tell you about the most important decision I ever made. I grew up in a home with parents who taught m...

Durham, NC
Faith Baptist Church

Fay Wiley

I grew up with an alcoholic mother, no father and plenty of step dads. I was abused, neglected, and abandoned by both parents. This environm...

Coweta, OK
First Baptist Coweta

Emmi Cabello

My life before Christ was horrible and I didn't know why. I constantly had this empty feeling inside me and I tried filling it with people t...

Antioch, TN
Una Baptist Church

LeeAnn Lewis

My mother was sick when I was a child. As she grew sicker, I starting thinking about heaven and what would happen to her when she died. My...

Tulsa, OK
tulsa bcm

Kevin Parker

Earlier in my life I wasn't the easiest person to be near. I hurt people to get my way. I broke my own brother's arm, I almost put his eye o...

Aztec, NM
First Baptist Church of Aztec

Gidgit Graham

I was actually saved at 11 but I didn't live for Christ like I should have. As I got to be a teenager I was into everything that the Bible s...

Tulsa, OK
Calvary Baptist Church, Tulsa

Ryan Begue

I thought life was about getting what I wanted and making me happy. I really didn't realize life was about one thing. Bringing glory to God....

Bonifay, FL
FBC Esto

Mike Barnett

I grew up going to church. I knew all the Bible stories about God and Jesus, but I didn't know God personally. The thought of dying made me ...

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center BCM, OKC

John Childers

As a young person I was at church a lot because my parents were active and they made sure that I attended too. I learned a lot of Bible stor...

St. Louis, MO
South County Baptist Church

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