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The Most Important Thing to Kim Catchings

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I had always gone to a Christian day care and went to church every Friday. I asked my parents almost every week to go to church, their answer was always "no". On my 8th birthday my parents bought me a show horse and within the first week it threw me. My head hit a metal pole in the arena resulting in a 4 inch skull fracture. The doctor said I probably shouldn't have lived and more miraculously I didn't have any brain damage.

When I was in the hospital my dad said he would do anything for me; my only request was to go to church. We started going to Sunday worship. I believe this accident was the Lords plan to lead my family to Christ. My parents came to know Christ and I also prayed and receive Chirst in my heart. At the age of eight I began my walk with Christ. I have found out in life that things always happen for a reason.

The bible states "The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps" (Proverbs 16:9) I'm not perfect & I mess up but I know in my life's journey with Christ he forgives me & he gets me where I need to be. He is always there to ask for forgiveness, strength, & guidance. I look at the past, I see how he has blessed my life in so many ways & has changed me to be a better person. Christ brings peace and happiness to my life.

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